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Central New York Conservancy Appoints Gina Pearce Executive Director

The Central New York Conservancy is celebrating two milestones this week—the beginning of its 20th Anniversary Celebration and the appointment of a new executive director, Gina Pearce. Pearce, an experienced development, marketing, and event management professional, has a strong non-profit background working with the Boilermaker and as a founding board member of Kristin's Fund, a non-profit organization she started in 2017. As executive director, she will work with the Board of Directors to advance the CNY Conservancy's mission of preserving, restoring and beautifying Utica's Olmsted-designed parks and parkway system during its 20th anniversary year and beyond.

The Olmsted-designed parks in Utica include F.T. Proctor Park, T.R. Proctor Park, Roscoe Conkling Park, and the Memorial Parkway, all of them historically significant cultural assets designed by renowned American landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. In 2008, the CNY Conservancy succeeded in having Utica's Olmsted-designed parks and parkway system listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Since then, the Conservancy has continued to help improve the parks, create awareness, and encourage their use by the community.

"The breadth of what the CNY Conservancy has done in its 20-year history to protect and restore historical features and the general landscape of our unique park system is amazing," Pearce said. "This organization's dedication to creating beautiful surroundings and maintaining the parks to maximize usable greenspace and commemorate our history continues to enrich Utica and surrounding communities. I am honored and thrilled to be part of the Conservancy and its mission."

Every year, the fruits of the Conservancy's labors are evident as flowers bloom around the monuments on the Memorial Parkway. Planted twice a year, the flowers and plantings make the Parkway and its monuments a beautiful centerpiece for Utica. Additionally, this year's projects will include tree plantings, additional monument plantings, clean-up days, monument preservation projects and a signature restoration project, which will be announced soon, Pearce said.

."Having Gina join us during our anniversary year is perfect timing," said William Locke, CNY Conservancy founder and Board President. "As we continue to build upon our 20-year history, we look forward to her strategic leadership to help us create more awareness and position ourselves for the next 20 years."

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