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Getting Involved with the CNY Conservancy

FT Proctor Park in the Fall Skateboarding in FT Proctor Park Gen. von Steuben on the Memorial Parkway I Love My Park Day 2014 Honoring CNYC volunteer Erica Max (Sept. 2014)

Looking to make a difference? Volunteer!

Do you live for getting down-n-dirty? Does your idea of a good time involve raking, pruning and planting – or talking about their role in making beautiful gardens and green spaces grow?

Then you are someone the Central New York Conservancy wants to get to know better!

The Conservancy needs volunteers to fulfill a number of different opportunities that are guaranteed to bring personal fulfillment and enjoyment.

"Many hands make light work" and many volunteer hands are what the Conservancy needs.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please review the following:

Green & Clean

For those who think it's neat to beat their feet in the dirt, the Conservancy offers an opportunity to work in F.T. Proctor Park or along the Memorial Parkway at specific planting times in the spring, summer, and fall. Activities include planting, mulching, raking, weeding, and sprucing up park features.

Hello There!

Share your love of Utica's parks by becoming a docent. It's a great opportunity to lead tours of the Parks and Parkway or to speak to local groups and organizations and spread the word about the Conservancy's work.


For larger projects, have we got a deal for you! Depending on the size of your group and the ages of participants, you may be readying the parks for a season of picnics, racing events and fireworks or performing tasks to ensure that cross-country skiers and snowshoers find the going great.

Arbor Day

The Conservancy annually celebrates Arbor Day with significant help from local tree removal companies, National Grid, and several volunteer groups who prune, remove, and plant trees in F.T. and T.R. Proctor Parks.

I Love My Park Day

An annual NY State event, I Love My Park Day made its debut in Utica in May 2013. You can volunteer to help create a free community event that shows off our parks to the entire community, the region, NY State, perhaps even the world!

Walks & Talks

The Conservancy frequently hosts outdoor walks and talks in the parks during the spring and summer. We also host informative lectures during fall and winter months. As a Conservancy volunteer, you can play a role in what happens!

Keep it Clean

Keeping Utica's Parks and Parkway System clean is a big task. You can help with ongoing litter control on your own schedule. All that's needed is a big bag, heavy gloves and a love of healthy green spaces.

Events Organizing

Are you good at bringing people together for a good cause? Talk to the Conservancy about creating recurring seasonal events that take place in Utica's parks. Maybe it's a monthly dog walking session, a weekly Frisbee face-off, a New Year's cross-country ski or a plein aire painting lesson. Your efforts can help the Conservancy spread its message throughout the community.

Utica Police Dept & CNY Conservancy Partner to create Parks Patrol

The Lily Pond in FT Proctor Park The pavilion in Roscoe Conkling Park Families picnicking in TR Proctor Park

The Utica Police Department and the Central New York Conservancy have formed a partnership to ensure safety in Utica's Olmsted Parks.

"We are collaborating with the Conservancy to recruit and train volunteers who will help the UPD keep our parks safe," said Edward Noonan, deputy Chief of police.

According to Peter C. Falzarine, executive director for the Conservancy, "We're looking for people to volunteer who already use the parks on a regular basis throughout the year. We welcome individuals who want to get to know Utica's parks better, too, in what we have designated as the 'Parks Patrol'," said Falzarine.

Volunteers will be trained by members of the Utica Police Department in ways that citizens may assist the police in keeping the parks safe and welcoming.

The first training will be held on Aug. 8 at 6 p.m. in the UPD Conference Room located at 413 Oriskany St. West. Topics for discussion include park locations, activities that are prohibited in the parks, applicable laws and City ordinances, and how to be a good witness if you observe a violation of the law or a City ordinance.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Parks Patrol, please contact Peter Falzarine at pfalzarine@roadrunner.com or contact the Conservancy at info@uticaolmstedparks.org.

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