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Memorial Parkway Monuments

Spanish American War/USS Maine Memorial

Facing Pulaski on the east side of Oneida Street is the Spanish-American War Soldiers and Sailors Monument, also known as "The Hiker" or "The Doughboy". The monument, dedicated on July 5, 1915, includes a bronze figure wearing the uniform of the Spanish-America War standing on a 17-ton boulder.

The sculptor was Allen George Newman (1870 - 1940). On the base are two bronze plaques. One bears the inscription: "Dedicated to the Soldiers and Sailors of the Spanish-American War by the citizens of Oneida County, July 5, 1815." The other reads: "In memoriam, U.S.S. Maine, destroyed in Havana Harbor, February 15, 1898", and in smaller print: "This tablet is cast from metal retrieved from the U.S.S. Maine". The Hiker's dedication coincided with the first observation of Proctor Day, an event acknowledging the Proctor family's generosity, especially their role in the enlargement of Utica's park system of which the Parkway is an important component.

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