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Memorial Parkway Monuments

George E. Dunham Memorial

On the parkway median to the east of Holland Avenue is a bronze bust of George Earl Dunham. Dedicated on July 20th, 1931, it is the work of the sculptor Filippo Scarlatta of Rome, Italy. The inscription on the granite base reads: Advocate of good causes. Erected by his fellow citizens as a tribute to his useful life in Utica.

George Dunham was the editor-in-chief of the Utica Daily Press and president of the Press Publishing Company. Beginning in 1890 he was elected every 4 years trustee of Hamilton College, after 30 years of service on the board was awarded the honorary degree of. Laws in 1921. He served on numerous boards, including the board of managers of the Utica State Hospital, where Dunham Hall was named after him. In the 1950s Hamilton College also named a residence hall after him. Of his many public services, one of which he was most proud was his work in preparing immigrants for naturalization.

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