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Memorial Parkway Monuments

Major Gen. Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben Memorial (1914)

Directly across Genesee Street from the statue of James Schoolcraft Sherman Is the magnificently posed Major General Friedrich Wilhelm Baron von Steuben. The larger-than-life size bronze figure on granite base is the work of Jakob Otto Schweitzer a Dresden trained sculptor who emigrated to the United States in 1894.

Inscribed on the rear of the plinth are the words "Organizer of the American Army. He gave his sword, his service, and his fortune to the cause of liberty.

On August 3rd, 1914, the Utica German-American alliance dedicated the Parkway monument. Unforeseen events resulted in a case of exceptionally bad timing. In June of that year, Serbian terrorists assassinated Archduke Ferdinand, heir to the Imperial Throne of Austria-Hungary. On August 1st Germany declared war on Russia and on August 3rd the very day of the Utica Steuben Monument dedication – Germany declared war on France, beginning hostilities that would, for the first time, bring Germany and the United States into conflict.

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