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Memorial Parkway Monuments

Statue Of Liberty

On the West side of the intersection of the Parkway and Elm Street can be found the Statue of Liberty Monument. This monument was dedicated on October 15th 1950. The sheet copper figure is 8 ft tall and stands on a 7-foot pedestal with a 12-point star containing a flower bed at ground level.

A bronze plaque on the front of the pedestal reads: "With the faith and courage of / their forefathers who made / possible the freedom of these / United States / the Boy Scouts of America / dedicate this copy of the / Statue of Liberty as a pledge / of everlasting Fidelity and / loyalty / 40th anniversary crusade to strengthen the arm of Liberty / 1951". A second plaque below lists 12 citizens who presented the replica to the city, but gives the date September 12th, 1950 (one month before its official dedication).

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