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Memorial Parkway Monuments

The Swan Memorial Fountain

On the east side of Elm Street is the Swan Memorial fountain erected in 1910. The fountain, commemorates Robert Swan, a prominent Utica lawyer who died in 1906. His widow commissioned Frederick William MacMonnies to design and execute the fountain with its bronze figurative elements and granite pedestal and basin. Unlike most of Utica's other commemorative sculptures which feature large, soberly-posed effigies, MacMonnies Swan Memorial charms the passerby with its variety of mythic creatures, including a cast-bronze figure of an infant Pan playing the panpipes, two mythic creatures - half goat, half sea serpent - and four waterspouts in the form of dog and fish heads. The water flows into bronze sea-shells mounted on a granite shaft as well as into the large granite basin below. For almost a century this fountain has been a favorite of Uticans, many of whom fondly recall stopping at the fountain to have a cooling drink in warm weather and to let their dogs drink from one of the two dog fountains at the base.

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